R&D Dinema Electronics: an extra gear with the analysis of control and testing techniques

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The topic of Research and Development is deeply felt and acknowledged, especially in companies like ours, where the technological component of the products has a very high impact on the final result and on expected performances.
Usually, when it comes to Research and Development, it is natural to imagine it as a process relating exclusively to product analysis.

At Dinema Electronics we have chosen to travel with an extra gear: we also do Research and Development on control and testing techniques to identify the most effective and efficient ones.

Dinema was born as a company specialized in testing, later evolving into the multidisciplinary organization with which you interact today, but our know-how in this field is ironclad and benefits from over 40 years of experience.

What are the main technologies for control and testing of electronic boards that Dinema Electronics uses today?

Here they are:

  1. Automatic AOI and X-ray optical checks;
  2. In-circuit tests by means of automatic systems with moving probes or bed of nails;
  3. In-system programming of flash and PLD;
  4. Automatic functional tests managed through the National LabVIEW® platform or by customized systems and equipment designed either internally and/or by the customer or co-designed;
  5. Electrical safety test and implementation of aging phases in a burn-in or run-in climatic cell.

Over the last 40 years our technicians have been analyzing and researching all current and future technologies in our core business to offer top-level products to all our customers.