Smart warehouses: the cornerstone of the Dinema Electronics process

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We have promised you a detailed report of the sophisticated world of Dinema Electronics, so let’s start from the first step of the supply chain, the cornerstone of the entire process: procurement through our intelligent warehouses.

The level of efficiency achieved during this phase has a crucial impact on the performance of production, which is why Dinema Electronics has made a cutting-edge choice: equip itself with automatic warehouses that completely revolution the procurement process.

Our cabinets communicate directly with the production lines and through the association between rolls and labels, they plan the production to be carried out. Margins of error and downtimes are reduced to a minimum for the operator, who can concentrate on production.

It is implemented a software in line with Industry 4.0 that aims at optimizing the production of the entire company and that of course offers a superior quality product to the final customer. Our clients will benefit from reduced downtime, meticulous control, tracking of components and optimization of set up times.

Furthermore, Dinema intelligent warehouses automatically monitor storage conditions by tracking the temperature and humidity parameters of both the storage sites and of each single item.

Last, but not least, the data tracking functionality: thanks to the database integrated into the system, it is possible to collect numerous key data which, if necessary, can be consulted by querying the database. Data that will be carefully analyzed by the Dinema Electronics team, ready to further streamline future processing based on the information collected.

Avant-garde and ambition, two added values that we apply systematically and that will be (an added value) certainly a “plus” for your business!