Real-time industrial control with HMI management: a Dinema Electronics solution

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At Dinema Electronics we provide our customers with a team with fifty years of experience and capable of foreseeing every possible aspect of the design and industrialization of the electronic product in all its facets.

Among the countless solutions that we develop daily, the real-time industrial control activity with HMI management stands out.

At Dinema Electronics we produce boards for industrial controllers with high computing performance to allow both the management of a high-level HMI and the management of industrial applications using most popular fieldbus.

The application sectors where we implement industrial control in real-time with HMI management pertain to the world of Ho.Re.Ca., Packaging, Medical, UPS, Security Systems and the Railway sector.

The modular approach with isolated interconnected cores allows for high scalability and configurability. Furthermore each board can be equipped with both Linux and Android, both configured and adapted for the management of the required real-time.

Here are all the technical details of our real-time control:

Computing power:

  • Multicore architecture 4x A53 @ 1.2GHz, 1xM4 @ 266MHz, 2xM7 @ 500MHz;
  • Memory Bus LP-DDR4 @ 1.6GHz;
  • eMMC 8GB.

Integrated native connectivity:

  • Ethernet on Board communication bus between co-processors 2.4GHz 802.11b / g / n and BLE Wifi module;
  • External connectivity Ethernet Gbps
  • 4x CAN Bus.


  • Mipi DSI VPU & GPU.