Dinema Electronics increases the number of viewfinders to inspect our boards

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In Dinema Electronics we know that the difference is made thanks to the meticulous search for innovative solutions. This is why we have increased our fleet of viewfinders to check our boards.

These are electronic vision systems, also called stereomicroscopes without eyepieces, necessary to integrate automatic process controls.
The presence of the new equipment has made possible a significant improvement in performance thanks to the addition of workstations with advanced equipment and to repair and reporting of the laboratory, thanks to specific features for visual inspection.

They also offer greater advantages in ergonomics, ease of use and efficiency. We can inspect boards more in depth; examine, from different angles, smaller and shaded welds; view 3D images and capture images and videos via additional cams and software. We therefore have the capability of carrying out a better process control, thus integrating automated controls!