Dinema Electronics puts its talents at the center

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The technical laboratory of Dinema Electronics has a whole new look!

We wanted to restructure it to give it an even more modern look and enrich it with cutting-edge technologies.

The well-being and quality of life of our talents are in fact the mid-point of the philosophy that drives us every day. As for this we are very proud of the result gained and pleased to announce that the laboratory represents a real value added value because it allows our collaborators to work in even more performing conditions!

How does it work inside the laboratory?

While a hardware designer selects the components to be used for the project a programmer writes the software that will be installed on the board. Made the necessary hardware changes, the hardware and software designers test the board inside the machine for which it was designed to confirm that everything is working correctly.

In the design phase our technical laboratory performs a fundamental function in the moments of testing: both during hardware tests on the board and, above all, during hardware and software tests carried out on the machines for which the board was designed.

Having ascertained its functionality and obtained confirmation from the customer, the board can finally go into production!