Cutting-edge SMT boards assembly

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When it comes to assembling boards SMT and THT, even if you have the smartest machines, but your technicians don’t have the right know-how you are only halfway!

As for this at Dinema Electronics we employ a team of specialists constantly updated and with the necessary preparation to use our accurate evolved RoHS or Leaded processes. SMT assembling is based on latest generation machines ASM SIPLACE and on highly reliable equipment, which thanks to the correct usage by our professional team, allows to reach exceptional results.

The SMT (Surface Mount Technology) process is fully automatized both in the assembly and in the control phases. In this way it is possible to assemble not only odd shape components, but even extremely small components such as 0201, to the advantage of reducing space.

Here are the milestones of the SMT assembly process:

  • 3D Solder Paste Inspection: volumetric verification of the solder paste deposit;
  • Automatic Optical Inspection: dimensional verification of soldering and component positioning according to IPC-A-610 specification.