The innovative goods control system of Dinema Electronics

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In Dinema Electronics we have digitized the verification of incoming material in the warehouse!

Thanks to the introduction of data mining algorithms, we can extract from a huge amount of data the information necessary for the process and then process it to obtain even more performing results. With this method we managed to optimize the data flow related to procurement, loading and material management.

Furthermore, our inspection process has been implemented with a new optical scanner technology, able to provide useful information for the recognition of the goods, their compliance with what approved and their traceability in the downstream processes.

If before, the control was done visually by the operators following specific protocols, now the image processing is done using optical scanners able to identify what exactly arrives at the Dinema warehouse.

How does it work?

The scanner checks the content inside the boxes and the collected data is digitally recorded. Once the material inside the box is removed, another process of traceability already used in Dinema follows, which interfaces with the new system, in order to have perfect control of the supply chain.

With this new technology the working quality of our collaborators has improved considerably. In fact, digitalization has offered an incredible support to their daily work of important responsibility!